Frank Muller 1000 SC Long Eye Land 18KT WG Mens Watch

Frank Muller 1000 SC Long Eye Land 18KT WG Mens Watch


Ref. No 1000 SC
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Color Silver
Gender Male

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Are you seeking a wristwatch that seamlessly combines luxury, innovation, and expert craftsmanship? Look no further than the Frank Muller 1000 SC Men’s Watch. This exquisite timepiece is a tribute to the art of watchmaking and a perfect companion for the modern gentleman.

Elegance in Every Detail

The Frank Muller 1000 SC watch is a true marvel, boasting a sleek silver color that exudes sophistication. The watch features a meticulous blend of materials, with a sturdy K18WG (White Gold) case that harmoniously pairs with a supple leather belt. This combination not only enhances durability but also offers unparalleled comfort, making it an ideal accessory for daily wear.

Engineered for Excellence

Beneath the surface, the watch is powered by a remarkable mechanical automatic movement. This intricate mechanism ensures precise timekeeping, reflecting the brand’s commitment to delivering superior quality. Whether you’re at a business meeting or a social event, you can trust that your timepiece will always keep you punctual.

Perfectly Proportioned

With a case size of 31mm x 46mm (12.2″ x 18.1″ without the crown), the Frank Muller 1000 SC strikes the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. The design captures attention without overpowering your wrist, and the timeless appeal ensures that this watch will remain in style for years to come.

Tailored for Comfort

The watch is designed to accommodate a wrist size of up to 20cm (7.9″), ensuring a comfortable fit for a wide range of individuals. The 22mm (8.7″) belt width adds the overall comfort to the timepiece, allowing you to move with ease while maintaining a distinguished appearance.

Watch Specification

  • Model: 1000 SC
  • Item Name: Long Eye Lind Wrist Watch
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: K18WG (White Gold) × Leather Belt
  • Type: For Men
  • Movement: Mechanical Automatic
  • Size: 31mm x 46mm
  • Case Diameter: 12.2″ x 18.1″ (Without Crown)
  • Wrist Size: 20cm (7.9″)
  • Belt Width: 22mm (8.7″)

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